This is a list of wizards, both muggle-born and wizard-born, who are born between September 2005 - August 2006 and who will attend Hogwarts in 2017. These wizards are currently 7-8 years of age in 2014.


September: Edit

  • 1st: Scorpious Malfoy (pure-blood)
  • 1st: Rose Weasley (half-blood)
  • 30th: Dave Boorman (half-blood)
  • 30th: Andrea Hooper (half-blood)

October: Edit

  • 4th: Aaron Latchingdon (half-blood)
  • 7th: Ryan Corner (pure-blood)
  • 9th: Anthony Doherty-Barrow (muggle-born)
  • 9th: Selene Tolipan-Duvall (pure-blood)
  • 28th: Sophia Dawlish-Latchingdon (pure-blood)

November: Edit

  • 2nd: April Davies (half-blood)
  • 5th: Fred McDonnell (muggle-born)
  • 11th: Bernard Draper (muggle-born)
  • 29th: Samantha Warwick (muggle-born)

December: Edit

  • 17th: Amber Entwhistle (half-blood)
  • 23rd: Julia Page (half-blood)
  • 31st: Leo Black (muggle-born)


January: Edit

  • 6th: Amelia Paxton (muggle-born)
  • 13th: Mason Pickering (half-blood)
  • 15th: Megan Emerson (muggle-born)
  • 29th: Pascal Godelot (muggle-born)


  • 3rd: Lucy Weasley (half-blood)
  • 5th: Fatma Mohammed (half-blood)
  • 10th: Sebastian Calvert (muggle-born)
  • 11th: Brandon Latchingdon (half-blood)
  • 21st: Mark Swann (half-blood)
  • 21st: Michael Swann (half-blood)
  • 26th: Angela Sloper (pure-blood)
  • 27th: Deven Nehru (pure-blood)


  • 3th: Temir Shettigar (pure-blood)
  • 7th: Nigel Boorman (half-blood)
  • 9th: Corey Edgecombe (half-blood)
  • 16th: Alice Spencer (pure-blood)
  • 26th: Ava Chang-Suen (half-blood)
  • 30th: Bryan McGowan (muggle-born)


  • 10th: Chelsea Inglebee (half-blood)


  • 27th: Kiera Pickering (half-blood)


  • 6th: Seamus MacAulay (pure-blood)
  • 15th: August Seaton (pure-blood)


  • 29th: Louis Weasley (pure-blood)


  • 4th: Nat Hitchens (muggle-born)
  • 11th: Gail Weasley (half-blood)
  • 16th: Kenneth Finnigan (half-blood)

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