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The Portuguese Ministry of Magic is the main governing body of the wizarding community in Portugal.


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The Portuguese wizarding community is served by a ministry-founded infant day school, from students aged 4 months to 10 years and a ministry-founded boarding high school from students aged 10 to 18. The cut-off date is 15 September. Only the high school is compulsory. Homeschooling is legal, but rare. All students, also muggle-borns, are invited, with their parents, to see the school and sign up for classes in the summer before their first year. 

Santo Inácio Ensino InfânciaEdit

48 students attend the Saint Ignacio Infant School. The school is located in a manor in surburban Coimbra in central Portugal. 

Gaia Escola de feitiçariaEdit

The Gaia School of Sorcery is for students ages 10 to 18 and consists of 3 year groups, one for the 10-12 years old, one for the 12-15 and one for the 15-18 years old. The Gaia school was founded in 1440. The school is located in the Beja District in the Barrancos Municipality in south-eastern Portugal. 100 students attend the school. 

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