The Folk Council is the top tier of the government system of the Norwegian Ministry of Magic. The folk council consists of 11 members, elected every 4th year. 1 seat is reserved for a member of each of the countries Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden and the last 6 seats goes to whoever has the most votes.

The Minister for Magic is also elected every 4th year, and the post goes to whoever gets the most votes.

2020 electionEdit

Elected members:

  • Brynja Arnarsdóttir (Iceland)
  • Astrid Eklund (Sweden)
  • Jakob Godiksen (Denmark)
  • Hilda Gustafsson (Sweden)
  • Odin Halvorsen (Norway)
  • Ole Hjelm (Denmark)
  • Marie Landvik (Norway)
  • Helena Mattila (Finland)
  • Gudrun Pedersen (Denmark)
  • Trym Rolvsson (Norway)
  • Ludvig Waltersson (Sweden)

Minister for Magic: Njord Ahlgren (Sweden)

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