Andorran Ministry of Magic


Andorra, France, Malta and Spain

Wizard population per 31/8 2020



name of minister



The Andorran Ministry of Magic is the main governing body of the magical community of Andorra, Spain, France, Malta and Monaco (however no wizards currently reside in Monaco).


Composition and statusEdit



The Andorran, French, Maltese and Spanish wizarding community is served by a Spanish secondary school, two Spanish elementary schools, a French secondary school and three French elementary schools.

Águilarada EscuelaEdit

Águilarada School serves students from Spain from age 3 to 19. The students start pre-school the calendar year they turn 3, primary school the calendar year they turn 6, secondary school the calendar year they turn 12, and post-secondary school from the calendar year in which the student turns 16. Schooling is compulsary from the year the student turn 12.

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